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Fubsi is a cloud based sales management platform designed to streamline your face-to-face sales processes - from lead input to sales follow-up. We can easily plug-in to your current systems, or work as a stand-alone solution. Fubsi is built to be purposely simple, so you can focus on what really matters; your sales opportunities.


Fubsi streamlines your sales journey, making it more enjoyable for your customers to buy from you. It frees up time for your sales reps and reduces your admin overhead, making your deals happen faster.


Manage your entire sales operation with Fubsi. Set-up is a breeze (no tech geeks needed). Fubsi plays nice with other systems too, seamlessly plugging in to your current infrastructure. Let Fubsi do the work.


Powerfully simple, Fubsi knows what sales people need to know - allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse of what's really happening in your business. Anywhere, anytime.


Save time on admin & focus on your customer experience

Input your sales opportunities, batch upload or connect Fubsi to your database.
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Adding a new lead in Fubsi

A beautifully simple tour start

Simply allocate your sales rep. Manage and record outcomes. All with intuitive one-click functionality.
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Fubsi daily tracker

Making paperwork a breath of fresh air

Fubsi pre-populates all of your sales paperwork, saving time when your clients are ready to buy.
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Fubsi Deal Manager
client look-up

Your clients history - no longer a mystery

With a simple search option, every note, comment and action is timestamped and logged.
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Fubsi Client Lookup

Make better decisions with reporting that means something

Take control of your sales operation with easy to read, immediate, reliable reporting you can act on.
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Reporting in Fubsi
Dynamic Dashboards

Full visibility of your sales operation

Beautifully intuitive graphics that tell you exactly what's happening in your sales centres. In real-time. Wherever you are.
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Fubdi dashboards
Frustrated at never finding a software solution that fully supported the sales operation, we took the brave approach and built our own. Our lack of development experience and no-compromise approach to keeping it simple proved to be our biggest advantage. Our sales teams loved it and it didn't need weeks of training. We realised, the world needs this, and Fubsi was born.

Gavin Dickinson

Co-founder & Sales Director

When I was asked at 15 what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said 2 things; a salesman and a business owner. It's always great to look back and think, WOW, I made it. After a very successful career in sales management - overseeing more than £250,000,000 in revenue - it was time to take on a new challenge, and started my own business that specialises in the training and development of face to face sales teams.
A self-confessed technophobe, if Gavin couldn't understand a process in under 2 minutes, it wasn't good enough for Fubsi
Alex's approach was not to ask salespeople what they wanted, but to observe their frustrations and then show them what they needed

Alex Collyer

Co-founder & Operations Director

Being from an engineering background, building competition and racing engines, I have a natural tendency towards problem-solving. I employed this approach in my 10+ years experience managing sales teams. I use stats and trends to strip down sales processes, finding efficiencies that have given me the edge in creating successful teams.

Seeing is believing

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Can Fubsi integrate with my current systems?

Yes. We understand every business has its own unique set up and will work with you to plug Fubsi directly into your infrastructure.

What else can Fubsi do ?

Fubsi is very versatile with a team of developers to create unique modules specifically for your business.

Can Fubsi manage multiple products that are completely different inventory sources?

Yes. Fubsi is built around your business and tailored to your product offering.

Is Fubsi web based?

Yes. Fubsi is a cloud-based system, making it easy to access wherever you are in the world.

Can Fubsi be maintained and managed from a distance?

Yes. Because Fubsi is web-based, providing you have internet access, you can use Fubsi wherever you are in the world.

Can Fubsi manage multiple sales office locations?

Yes. Fubsi is built around your operation.